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Buying A Home

Local Agents Know the Lake Country

When you’re BUYING or even selling in the Lake Country, why would you trust a real estate agent who doesn’t know the area? 

Local agents like the Landmark Group and Bobby Murray know the Lake Country. They can answer your questions about anything from availability to zoning, and everything in-between. In fact, Bobby has personally lived in several of the Lake Country’s communities, from farm land, to historic districts, to gated golf communities and his current home in Madison.

Need a contractor? Plumber? Landscaper? Bobby knows who to recommend. Need information about a club membership? He’s got it. 

So when you’re looking for a realtor…find one with Lake Country eXperience. Talk to the Landmark Group.  Talk to Bobby Murray.

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Flexibility Matters

You’re happy to pay a reasonable price…especially for a new home. But what if you’re paying more than you have to?

Unlike most realtors and real estate companies, who have rigid commission fees, eXp agents have flexible commission rates, allowing them to provide the best possible options and services for buyers and sellers. And since the virtual structure of eXp doesn’t require the expensive maintenance of brick-and-mortar offices, oftentimes they can offer lower rates than
their competitors’ traditional (and outdated) models.

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